The package javax.xml.crypto.dsig is accessible from more than one module: <unnamed>, java.xml.crypto

Hi,   I got this problem when I am trying to extend my App with Java action through Eclipse. My project information: Mendix Studio Pro version 8.12.1 Zulu 11 (installed with the Mendix installation) SAML Module from App Store   The application is running fine when being deployed. However, when I want to extend with Java action, some errors in Eclipse appear after I “Deploy for Eclipse” there are several errors that is related to duplication of jar files (I got them sorted by following this doc: The last error is stated in the title and can be seen in screenshot below     After some investigations, I found that the package “javax.xml.crypto.dsig” is being used in 2 different jars ( see the screenshot below) Zulu11 library: JAVA_HOME\lib\jrt-fs.jar XML Security library: App-main\userlib\xmlsec-1.5.7.jar     What can be the solution for this? I tried to remove the library xmlsec-1.5.7.jar , but it will give me another error saying: cannot be resolved   Hopefully there is an easy solution for this jar compatibility problems.   Thank you in advance and best regards!
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Found a way to make it work:

 * donwload a new version of xmlsec-**.jar (here: 2.2.0) and add to project/userlib
 * remove xmlsec-1.5.7.jar and xmlapis.jar from project/userlib
 * in the eclipse project’s properties, “Java Build Path”, Libraries: remove deleted jars and add new one