Compilation of Java actions failed

I’m trying to run my app locally after making changes to it in Studio and I keep getting this error that says “compilation of java actions failed”. It then redirects me to use a software called Eclipse to debug it but I can’t seem to get Eclipse to upload my app data from Mendix StudioIMG_2335.HEIC Can some one please tell me more about the nature of my problem or what I’ve done and/or doing wrong? My professor made it look incredibly easy but I’ve somehow hit a brick wall and cannot get it to run. Also the Studio version I’m using is 8.14.1 but it wasn’t a choice to select under the Mendix Studio Version.     
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You need studio Pro for this. The documentation on how to work with Eclipse is here:

After that you can see the red dots pointing to errors in the Java code. Did you make any changes in the Java? Otherwise double check your userlib for double jar files. Most of the time that is the sollution. See the screenshot

The saml module uses 1.11, Pushnotifications 1.13 while the Email module uses 1.14. Having all three Jar files would give you such errors. Only keep the highest version and delete the rest. Keep the required files so you know that that Jar is used by different modules.