How to add custom request handler for mendix app

Hello Everyone!  I have followed this blog how to add the request handler to my mendix app. and tried to add helloWorldRequestHandler but couldn’t able to do it. It gave me error for IOUtilis So I have added the* in the library still the methods write, closeQuitely were deprecated.                   So can anyone please suggest me, How can I achieve adding custom request handler to my app in understandable manner.   Regards, Vignesh Kannan
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That is quite an old blog, it is likely that the same code will no longer work. Adding request handlers is not too complicated. Take a look at the documentation:

You can also check on github for some examples

Hope this helps



Hi Vignesh,

Mendix’ DeepLink module implements custom requesthandlers and is more properly written within Java. Please check the javasource folder of that module to see how custom requesthandlers are properly implemented in Java.

I used this module as an example in the past!

Good luck!