Zip is not getting download

I am using mendix 8.12 , i have used zip handling module to create the zip file , which need list of file doc to create zip.  Input to the “zip documents” is a list of File Doc and even it is not direct system.filedoc , i have generalise my custom entity and using my cutom entity’s list as a input to “Zip documents” java action. Zip is getting created but Later i am trying to download the zip file but getting the error while downloading.  Please have a look at my microflow and error .  
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In practice I have found that the “Zip Documents” module needs a bit of help to be more reliable. Two things you need to look at :

1- Add the generated Zip Document to an entity with generalization of “file” type. Then download that zip file from the new  entity object.

2- Both the Zip Documents action as well as the addition of the zip file to the export entity will generate one time use files that will accumulate over time and grow your file storage. If you dont care about this export file after its purpose is served, have a scheduled microflow to cleanup these files every day or so.


Here’s what I use reliably in production