The system cannot find the file specified error from JavaAction Import from file

I am trying to import contents of a CSV file into my overview page. I am following the example from another post in below link : Below is my domain model:  An action button on my dashboard calls the below microflow: I am able to add csv files which show in the "TenantDocument_Overview” page: Now i want to import the loaded CSV file into the Overview page generated from "TestCSVrow” entity. The above Import button calls below microflow:   ReadLineCSV microflow is called from ImportCSV action I get below error on running locally: What am i doing wrong?
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The module expects the file to be in the resource directory of your implementation and not as a file document, as far as I can tell from the forum post you mentioned.

The error shows that it is trying to retrieve a file from the C-drive in the resources directory and not from the filedocument that you have uploaded. Not sure if this is possible with the module.

Importing the file from the filedocument is possible with the following module:'t-Hoen/Flat-&-delimited-file-import