Convert java list to IMendixObject list

Hi all, Here’s the scenario i need consume an API which returns data in the form of Strings, Now i have created a string list and added the required values to the string list. Now i need to return the string list as IMendixObject list in java. Because i have done these process in java action. The java action return type is set to list. can anyone help me with that. Thanks in advance.
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Hi Praveen, 

afaik there is no other way then iterating over your list of string and creating new Mendix Objects. 
I assume, that you will need a helper entity, with a string attribute. You can then instantiate that object via the respective Mendix Proxy class. After that, add them to a list (eg. ArrayList) and return that list. 

One Question: Why do you have to process the API via JAVA? Is it a REST/SOAP API? Why can’t you use an Import Mapping?