How to launch a nanoflow from the HTMLSnippet with a parameter

Hi, I have a Page with a non persistable data source Temp. The entity Temp have a attribute “String” I would like to launch a Nanoflow inside this widget and put Temp.String as  a parameter to the nanoflow.     data.callNanoflow({     nanoflow: this.propertyWithNanoflow,     origin: this.mxform,     context: this.mxcontext,     callback: function(result) {         alert("Nanoflow completed with result " + result);     },     error: function(error) {         alert(error.message);     } });   I found this on the apidocs but how i put Temp.String to the nanoflow?   Thanks Stephan  
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Hi Stephan,

Doing this from within a HTML snippet is a bit cumbersome. 

My advise:

Option 1: use a JavaScript action if possible

Option 2: use the JavaScript snippet widget, in that widget the dataview context entity can be used in the JS code as a variable which is stated in the widget

Option 3: use the HTML snippet. It is hard to get the dataview entity the snippet is encapsulated in. The dojo framework has a function called dijit.getEnclosingWidget. THis can be used here, but needs some Dojo expertise.


Hi Ivo

Thanks for your support.

I have some issues with the code.

  1. I have configured the datasource with the variable customdomain




Where and how i set the nanoflow i want to execute with the parameter $customdomain?

Thanks for any help!



I found now a Solution with a microflow.

  1.  I create a nonpersitable entity with 2 attributes (TempGuid, String) 


  1. This Temp Entity i put to a dataview on my page where the javascript snippet is.


  1. On the JavaScript Snippet i lauch a microflow with the Temp Object as Parameter{
        applyto: "selection",
        actionname: "ForgotPasswordCustomization.LaunchTenantHomePage",
        guids: [ '${tempGUID}' ] 
    origin: this.mxform,
    callback: function(obj) {
        //Object not required
    error: function(error) {    
    onValidation: function(validations) {
        alert("There were " + validation.length + " validation errors");


  1. On the microflow i can now do what i need to do.



Thanks Stephan