How to create a list?

Hey guys, Very very new to Mendix, and I need to create a working app for an application interview, with a potential employer.  And my question is, how do you create a list in Mendix? I have added a listview however when trying to add a list to the "aggregation list" in a microflow, it says that there is no list present. Can someone help me with this?
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That depends on what you want to achieve.

the source of a list can be created objects added to a list, a result of a retrieve activity in a microflow, can be be the result of a query triggered from a list widget, it can be the input parameter of a microflow…….

As you see, there are a few options. Question for you; what do you want to achieve from a functional perspective?


The process is key to your solution.

  1. When someone registers, then a new object should be created FOR that particular event.
    And then something can be done with the registration registration 
  2. Only the registration can be made if certain condition is met.


So you need a microflow which executes 1 when a user hits a button. My guestimation is that the user selects an event and based on that selection the registration is created. Thus the microflow can start with an input parameter of type Event

Microflow would look like this:


Answering your original question; The list need to be retrieved from the database ;-)