Is there an API/SDK function to inject java functions that can be used from within the mx function list?

[EDIT: specifying it’s not about translations or a function to translate text (that is just an example), but about adding (custom) functions to the internal function list). Hi, I learned there is a function that lets you ‘inject’ request handlers into the Mendix core. Excellent functionality! However, is there something similar that lets you define functions within Java, which can be used inside the Mendix Core? So I create some java functions, I make the magic (to me unknown) call to add them to the list of core functions (which is called from the after startup MF) and then I am able to use them from the available function list: So say I define a custom function ‘translate’ which takes the parameters $Language and $StringToTranslate, and say that functionality exists that allows me to register functions, the function would be available to me: (So yeah, the idea for this one is to provide translations in attributes/variables by just calling a function and providing a source language and it returns the language of the current user). Again, question is not about the translations, but can be any function (liek a function that uppercases a string when using it in an xpath (instead of having to create a variable that contains an uppercased value), or a function that removes unwanted characters from a string...  
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I would not do this in Java but just in microflows. See this forum post on how to translate data of multilingual apps: