UI takes long time to render the results from the multiple Async calls in Java action.

Hi Experts, Need your help to address the performance issue. Scenario data  to process :  150 Attributes against 100 Measurements I have to process each attribute against 100 measuremets. To achieve this I am splitting the attributes into chunks of 50 using the batch in Microflow and calling the Java action for each chunk of attributes. In the Java Action I am calling the calculation MF under async function to get the results.                      Future<Object> f = Core.executeAsync(this.getContext(), "Calc_MF",                             false, parameters);                     futures.add(f); I am using Future.get() to get the results. The issue is when all the data is sent back to the calling MF, I can print the results and the MF ends quickly,  but the UI takes long time  to render the results. Please suggest ways to overcome the issue  
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