parsedatetime with timezone javaaction not working

Hi, I have a feature in app where i’m required to fetch the datetime based on timezone. so im using parsedatetime with timezone javaaction. but i think the javaction is not working for american timezone that needs to be fetched. for eg: when europe/dublin time is 14:00:00, the american time should be returned as 4:00:00, but the american time is returned as 16:00:00. Can someone help out on this why this is happening? Thanks
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I’m not sure you have the correct timezone if you think America is 12 hours different from Dublin. That would put you somewhere like New Zealand.

Have you looked at using the built in localised datetime in Mendix? There is a really good DateTime FAQ that could help.


Regarding wether it comes back as 16:00 or 04:00 is probably something with the pattern. Make sure you use the correct format for what you want. "hh” returns something different from "HH” .  Check out the following screenshot for more detail: