Authentication using java

Hi,   I have the following problem: my user wants to authenticate his users in a REST endpoint. Then, when this REST returns ok, i need to authenticate his user in Mendix.   Can I use some java action in the OAUTH or SSO module to do this log in? Can I use some Core class to authenticate the user?
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See here for the Core class method to authenticate the user:,com.mendix.systemwideinterfaces.core.IUser,java.lang.String)

First retrieve the user to get the IUser and pass the password and context, the method retruns true if the authentication was succesful. In the Open AUthentication module there is a loinghelper class that can help you perform the complete login.

Hope this brings you a step closer to a solution for your use case.


You can also try with this module

for version 8 you need to upgrade the js snippet to 1.3