Decrypting signed PGP message

Dear Mendix community,   I'm struggling to decrypt a signed PGP message in Mendix. I'm using the PGPDecryptDocument  Java action from the Encryption app store module which parameters are the private key and the input and output FileDocument objects. Using this function now results in the following error: “Encrypted message contains a signed message - not literal data.” For the message to be decrypted, another key (the sender's public key) needs to be used to verify their identity, I can do so manually but not in Mendix yet. The ENcrypt functionality of the Encryption module does allow to sign a message with a certificate so maybe I am missing something. Does anyone have experience with this and found a way to deal with this in Mendix?   Kind regards,   Tijmen Verwoert
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Not tried this myself but this post might help you: