How to get OS related Info from microflow

Hi All,   Can any one help me with how to get OS related Info inside microflow, like from which OS application is accessed. Actually I need to perform different set of operation if application is accessed from apple devices.   I can see option of getting info using Java action after login, ISession.getUserAgent(). But during compilation I was getting error as                         error: non-static method getUserAgent() cannot be referenced from a static context     [javac]         String osInfo = ISession.getUserAgent();     [javac]                                 ^     [javac] Note: Z:\Documents\Mendix\tstApp\javasource\system\ uses or overrides a deprecated API.     [javac] Note: Recompile with -Xlint:deprecation for details.     [javac] 1 error   Can any one help in fixing this issue or is there any alternate way to get OS info.   Thanks, Balaji S
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I think you need a Request to extract some info. Maybe this helps for you:

Can you explain what you want to achieve? If it’s for statistics or something, there are a lot of tools to use.