Java error in SAML module

Hi all, I run into this error when I try to run my app. ….javasource\saml20\implementation\ error: cannot find symbol     [javac]             httpPost.setProtocolVersion(HttpVersion.HTTP_1_1);     [javac]                     ^     [javac]   symbol:   method setProtocolVersion(HttpVersion)     [javac]   location: variable httpPost of type HttpPost     [javac] Note: Some input files use or override a deprecated API.     [javac] Note: Recompile with -Xlint:deprecation for details. I cleaned the userlibs, re-imported all the modules but without success. I found this post ( where they have the same issue, but I did not find exactly found how to solve this error.  does anyone know how to solve this problem? Cheers, Jacob   edit: list of userlibs for http.
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For me, the userlib cleaner solved the issue.

You can download it from

Works pretty simple: 

  • Download the windows build from release
  • Unzip the mendix-userlib-cleaner.exe into your userlib you want to clean
  • In Explorer window location write cmd and press enter. This opens a black terminal window
  • In this terminal window write: .\mendix-userlib-cleaner.exe
  • It should inform you what it will remove. Verify the output and to actually remove the jars write: .\mendix-userlib-cleaner.exe --clean

Double check your Jar files in the userlib. Do you have multiple httpcore or httpclient Jar files?





What I know is, sometimes with java actions Mendix change the variable names by itself, thus leaving us with these kind of compilation errors. I have experienced this with custom java actions. But it is strange that you have it for SAML module.

This means, within SAML module has httpPost attribute created for a class. But probably renamed to something and all the references could still be httpPost. 

If it is possible to open the java file and find this (look in line number 305) try renaming it manually, save the file and run the Mendix application.

See if this fixes the issue.

Also check if there are any latest version with proper fixes for the same