Login Using a Microflow

I want to login into mendix session using Microflow, I don’t want to use Sign-In button for that, I want to do this using Microflow only. I have username and password in a string variable and I am passing this in a java call and doing this:- But it is not working and I also put some log message before and after this java call in microflow but only before java call’s log message is printing and after one is not printing in log. So I guess I am doing something wrong with this java call. I want final output as user need to logged in into mendix and session is created for the same.
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First step: remove the line that says “throw new …...Exception”

“throw” means “tell the system that something went wrong”.


You probably have a reason to circumvent the default login functionality, it would however be good for context/understanding if you describe how the user credentials are provided and if there is maybe another solution available for your problem.

This github repo contains the code of the old Autologin functionality. It gives an idea how your code should look like when you want to create a session and notify the requesting user about a success/failure. Please note that some of this code is already deprecated.