How to design REST Endpoint in Mendix?

How can I add a Rest End Point(API) to my Microflow, for calling & executing the java code. I want to call a java code, which will return a file. This file will further used by the Microflow. Please help me out!  
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Hi Vivek,

This How To will walk you through how to create an enpoint.  Regarding files, you can export a file to Base64 and include that in the response body.

Hope that helps,


  1. Publish a REST service (How to: that calls
  2. A Microflow that can process the input/parameters and calls the
  3. Java action that will return the file
  4. Use the return object in the Microflow


Note: you might want to run the real Microflow Async or in a Task Queue instead of directly after the REST call, because the response will wait for the Microflow to finish