Event.Target in a JavaScript Action Nanoflow Activity??

Dear all, Normally, when adding an onclick function to e.g. a button, you can pass the event as parameter to that function. Likewise, it is possible to use event.target, to direct manipulate the DOM element that triggered the function. In Mendix, when we set a Nanoflow to a button, we do not get the event that starts the Nanoflow action as a visible parameter in the nanoflow, and thus cannot pass it on to a JavaScript action in a Nanoflow. I have scoured the Mendix documentation, but I cannot find a method to retrieve the basic triggering event using the Mx Api.  Any thoughts/suggestions? In this case, I do not want to add an on-click event by using setAttribute, or another type of javascript snippet that has to run after Mx.onload(). I think it should be possible to reference the event starter by default. Nor do I want to look up the element in the DOM each time (slow).  Thanks beforehand for your suggestions, Best regards, Wouter
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