CommunityCommons [JavaAction(RandomString)] throws an error on 9.7.0

We removed the CommunityCommons library and it ran without problems. Later on, we noticed we did need some items and reinstalled the CommunityCommons from the library. It ran without problems, at first. When we create a new branche or another developer installs that same working branche, JavaAction throws an error that “Java action was not implemented”.
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The error ““Java action was not implemented” is used when a newly created user Java Action hasn’t had any content added.

It sounds like a Java Action for Random String was added, maybe as a placeholder, and it’s not been replaced with the one from Community Commons. 

The fix would be to remove the Random String action you have in your microflow, and add in the one from Community Commons again in its place. 


From your description it seems that the changes were not committed. The reason I say that is because even if the same branch is downloaded again it says that the java action was not implemented. When you open the java action in a newly downloaded project on the machine of the person where it works do you see any implementation? That would confirm the suspicions. If that is indeed the case, commit the java action.

Alternatively, you could check if all the required userlibs are indeed present for this java action to function.