Upgrade to V9 , error occured while handling changes on disk

I oppened my project in Mendix 9.6.0 and I try to commit but I get this error :  Can't add '\javasource\communitycommons\actions\ListTop.java' to a parent directory scheduled for deletion .  I already try to delete the module with all the userlibs linked to , and readd it to the project but I always have this error when I'm trying to commit .  Does any one know which module I need to refresh that use this 'ListTop.java' folder ? Thank you, Myriam .
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ListTop.java is part of the community commons. I am more worried about the parent directory scheduled for deletion part. What did you delete in your project directory? Did you try to delete the javasource directory?

You might try exporting the changes you want to commit to a seperate directory and then download a fresh version of the model and redo all your changes.