Select Image from Library rather than Take Picture Action for PWA App

Unfortunately, we cant select from the device Library anymore with the new WebActions which used to be possible with Hybrid Apps. We find that pictures taken with the new “Take Picture” Action are unsharp. In order to fix this, we intended to use the “Select from Library” option. This is missing in the new Action. It seems to be possible in PWA: Take photo and access the picture library in your PWA (without plugins) | by David Dal Busco | Medium Can anyone help how to solve this issue?
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Hi Ron,

The implementation is different in a hybrid app, because cordova is being used as a wrapper. In a PWA, this wrapper does not exist.

The good news: you can use the File Dropper widget from Mendix to select files from your device. On desktop, this will open a default ‘Open File’ window, while on mobile it will open your local library / camera.