App gets stuck in the Connect Action of the Mendix SFTP module

hi,  In de Mendix SFTP module, I ran into the following problem. If I want to connect to the test FTP server on (see link below for additional info), the microflow gets stuck on the Java action ‘Connect’ of the SFTP module.  Moreover the actions never throws a ‘Timeout error’ IF the port is set to 21 (which is the correct port for a FTP connection). If the port is set to any other value, the action does throw a timeout error. Attached you’ll find screenshots of my settings and the logs I am getting. I have set the log levels of the SFTP, Encryption, and Connector to trace, but for some reason the SFTP module does not return any log statements.    Can you help me with this?     
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Hi Olaf,

Unfortunately the SFTP module doesn't fit your case, as it is intended to connect to SFTP servers and not to FTP servers. 



The SFTP server of uses port 22.

Create SFP Configuration with these steps:

  • hostname:
  • port: 22
  • Use ‘Obtain host key’  (‘Verkrijg host sleutel’ in dutch) oo get the key.
  • Confirm.
  • Fill in authentication: Demo/Password and ‘use general key’ no
  • Save connection
  • Test connection



For anyone who came accross this thread looking for a (s)FTP solution:


from the marketplace there are 2 modules:

- the SFTPS module allows for FTP and FTPS connections; only use it for SFTP if you have username/pw/passphrase settings

- the SFTP module is the best choice if you need a SFTP connection with a RSA key