Add a custom java action to another Mendix project

Hi all,   I´m trying to add a custom java action built in Mendix-project ‘a’ to Mendix-project ‘b’. When I copy paste in the app directory in the right javasource map, it doesn't appear in the modeler. Sync App Directory doens't work and deploy for eclipse doesn't work either. Do I overlook something? Or is the only way to add an already built java-action to import a whole module or create a new java action in project b and copy paste the code?  
2 answers

Use the export function in studio pro to export the Java action from project A and import it in project B



The path of custom java action will be different in both applications, it would be nice if you can create same java action in project B and deploy to eclipse, copy and paste the java code and synch it.

Make sure your java action name while copying the code from Project A to Project B.