How to get the changedDate attribute value of an entity in a Java Action?

I’m trying to get the system members store attributes of an entity to a java action as a parameter or anyhow. I need this for a powerpoint template that I generate and I need to fill a text box in the powerpoint with the changedDate of an object. The way I fill the powerpoint is through a java action and I can’t figure out a way to get the changedDate or any System members attributes in java code. There is no get method like for the other attributes of the entity.
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If you are using CustomJava action and passing the object as a parameter, you can notice that the object is casted to IMendixObject in the default constructor.    

From that IMendixObject you can get the ChangedDate. 

Or if you have an object within the java class (by some other means), you can use .getMendixObject().getChangedDate(getContext());