Is it possible to get all objects for which there is an association with my object within a Java Action?

For example:    Having the Contact entity below, is it possible to get all the objects which are associated to it, regardless of the module  of the association. (So even if the association is created in a different module or if the association is created in this entity’s module).   Keep in mind that the desired why of doing this would be without specifying the name of the association. I want the algorithm to apply well even if the associations to my object change (In this case Contact). 
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Hi Marcian ,

You can use the below query to get the list of all associations using the entity name

for ex : 

select * from MENDIXSYSTEM$ASSOCIATION where parent_column_name like '%APPLICATION$APPLICATION%'


If you need this in mendix means you can call one custom java action or using  DB connector you can get all this details