Retrieve Mindsphere access token without including the Mindsphere Resource Package in the app

Experts,      The question that I have is, in our mendix app we do not want to embed the Mindsphere Resource package (OS bar, Single sign-on, UI resource), but want to write a custom java action to get the Mindsphere access token by using the credentials of one of the existing apps already registered in our Mindsphere tenant. The idea behind this is, when we deploy the mendix app to the Mendix cloud, there won’t be a need to host this app in Mindsphere. The approach we are thinking is to download the Mindsphere java sdk and write a java action to generate the access token.  Do we need to make any changes to the index.html to avoid the default login page as we want to have our custom home page to be the default page.  Just wanted to check if anyone has done this kind of a thing. If so, appreciate if they can share some info on this.
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First of all, you do not need to host the app in MindSphere, but still you can use the MindSphere Resource package to make sure your users will properly authenticated by MindSphere.


If you want to have your own authentication and just enable calls to MindSphere, please checkout