Java actions debugging

Hi,   I would like to know if there's any other convenient way of debugging Java actions rather than using Eclipse which feels pretty painfull to use and comeplex.   Thanks, Marcian.
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I use Visual Studio Code to do this. You need to install the extension “Debugger for Java” from Microsoft, then add the following to your in configurations.

            "type": "java",
            "name": "Mendix (attach)",
            "request": "attach",
            "hostName": "localhost",
            "port": "5005"

This gives you the option “Mendix (attach)” in the debugger that can connect to port 5005 in Mendix which is what you setup when you follow step 2 of the java remote debugging instructions on this page.

Hope this helps.


Kind of second Brian’s opinion, and indeed Mendix Studio does not have it. But if you don’t like Eclipse, you can try JetBrains’ tools: