missing required poi jar error preventing java compilation

Trying to create a java action in mendix 8.10.2 and receiving the following errors in Eclipse that the project is missing required llibraries poi-4.0.0.jar,poi-ooxml-4.0.0.jar and poi-ooxml-schemas-4.0.0.jar.  This whilst I do have the Apache pot 4.1.2 of these so I’m very confused why these are deemed required?  I found these jars in another project and copied them to this one to see what happens and the 3 errors made place for 500sth due to conflicts with existing libraries I assume so that’s not really a solution. 
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Did you try download the original 4.0.0. files? https://jar-download.com/artifacts/org.apache.poi/poi/4.0.0/source-code