Excel Import

I have an Excel File which can have multiple columns of same name(See below). name, source, length, width, destination, length, width, destination.   the length, width, destination can come multiple times in header in same row.   I want to create objects using name, source as common but multiple objects depends on number of different destination fields. destination column can vary i.e., they  can come 1,2,3,4.. times.   It s possible to achieve using excel import or other methods?   Please suggest other methods like can we have advanced template for excel that handles dynamic occurence of columns.   Please suggest anything related to this. can we automatically create excel from given excel sheet that have format: name, source, length1, width1, destination1 name, source, length2, width2, destination2 … (depends on number of destination columns in single row).
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You could use this Marketplace module and create an action to parse the input data as required