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Hi, After upgrade from Mx 8.18.16 to Mx 9.6.11, I'm getting compile error. ctions\ error: method execute in class Core cannot be applied to given types;     [javac]         return (IMendixObject)Core.execute(getContext(), MFName, this.__InputObj);     [javac]                                   ^     [javac]   required: T     [javac]   found: IContext,String,IMendixObject     [javac]   reason: cannot infer type-variable(s) T,R     [javac]     (actual and formal argument lists differ in length)     [javac]   where T,R are type-variables:     [javac]     T extends CoreAction<R> declared in method <T,R>execute(T)     [javac]     R extends Object declared in method <T,R>execute(T) However the error is gone when inside eclipse I replace the method:  Object booleanResult = Core.execute(this.context, this.microflowName, this.action); with this:  Object booleanResult = Core.executeAsync(this.context, this.microflowName, this.action); I wonder what would be the effect of this change on the function? Will this create a new bug in my Mendix project?  
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The execute method was deprecated in Mendix 8.6. The replacement method is microflowCall.

I wrote an article on how to use microflowCall that will show you how to use this method.