Which account is used in the scheduler?

Which account is used in the scheduler? Specific microflow runs successfully by clicking a microflow execution button, but it doesn’t retrieve any data entry when it is run by the scheduler. I’m suspicious of the account used in the scheduler. I know how to run a specific microflow with a given user account, but I need to figure out which account is used in the scheduler before I apply it. I appreciate any response.    
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Hi Yongpyo,

If you mean a microflow triggered by a scheduled event? That has no account that triggers it as there is no user action to trigger this event, but a time trigger.

If you debug a scheduled event you will also see there is no currentSession or currentUser. Hence also the system owner will be empty on creation of an object, or the object of a retrieval associated to the current user.

You can also not use any front end actions (they will not have use) in scheduled events, like show a page or show a message.