Excel Upload set Reference to outside object

Hi all,   here is my quesition. I would like to use the excel upload module to create new object from a excel sheet. Further I want those new object being referenced to the user who has done the upload. But I am not sure how to do that.  The java action gives you the input field for “Import object parameter” but no further information is given about this field. It would be awesome if somebody could help me with this one.   Thanks a lot in advance and best regards,   Matthias
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Hi Matthias,

When using the excel importer module you can select the objects that are being created and reference them to the import file.

When you do the import with a custom microflow, after the import java action, you can retrieve the just created objects through their association with the import file object.

When you have that list you can loop over them, retrieve the current user from the database(retrieve first account [id= $currentuser] , and then link the newly created objects to the user.

Hope this helps!


Hi Maarten,


Thx a lot. Yes, that should solve the problem.