Rollback Attributes or association of Object

Hello Community, Is there a easy way to rollback certain attributes or associations of an Object ?   I want to reset the reference selector to a previous value if certain conditions are not met . If I Use Rollback action it just roll backs everything .   TIA    
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In your example, you can retrieve the database stored object first using the xpath 


Then, you will have the persisted object values in your microflow and you can set the attributes of the current object on the page back using the the values of the database stored object. 

You could also add a change event MF to the ref selector and validate the input from there, if OK then commit or else then do nothing. 


Hi Naresh Agarwal,
Yes, the Rollback Action Reverts back to all the changes that are not yet committed to Database. 

The only possible way is to retrieve the object from Database and set the value of your Reference selector from the Object retrieved from Database. If the Database retrieves is empty you can Set the value of the Reference selector to empty.


Hope this helps!!


Thanks Everyone !


I think it would good idea for the Mendix to Enhance Rollback Activity and provide Dropdown to select attributes for Rollback