Convert Excel file into CSV file

Hi all,   I have a very large excel file with 300+ columns and I need to convert it into a csv file, is there a way I can do this without using the excel exporter module, perhaps some java action for this?   Thanks, Dominic
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Hi Dominic

You can use the Excel importer to import your large Excel file and then convert your data inside the app into a CSV file via 

This blog provides some extra information too:


If you’re really looking for a custom Java action that has an Excel-file (and/or its data) as import parameter and it spits out a .csv-file, I think that’ll be custom development: I don’t see it anywhere. Maybe this will be able to help you write that custom Java-action: 

More information on writing your own Java action: 


I hope this helps.


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Hi Water,
                If you don’t want to use the Excel export module means, you can achieve this by using  custom Java action. Till now there is no JA for your requirement this in market place.