IProfiler enterDatabase​ requestData includes ? for values

Hi there,   I am attempting using the IProfiler interface with Core.registerProfiler to audit database changes. When I implement the interface for IProfiler, my database methods are as follows” public java.lang.Object enterDatabase​(java.lang.String sessionId, java.lang.String requestId, java.lang.String requestData, java.lang.Long now){ return requestData; } public void finishDatabase​(java.lang.Object logObject, java.lang.Long now) { if(logObject != null){ if(!logObject.toString().contains("SELECT")){ ILogNode logger = Core.getLogger("Debug"); logger.info("-----Database request-------"); logger.info(logObject); } } }   When I run my application and add a testentity, I get the SQL statement as expected, but don’t get the input values:   INSERT INTO "testapplication$testentity" ("id", "internalvariable", "name") VALUES (?, ?, ?)   Any idea why this is or how I can get the actual values?   Thank you, Mark
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