System.Filedcumemt - UUID

Hello all,   I store some pdf's as a blob on azure storage.  Filename in mendix = test2.pdf Filename in azure after uploading = 124774389843 ( generated uuid)   Do i have to download the file from azure, then to change the name to test2.pdf, then to upload it again and then to delete the old file.. or is there any workaround to change the uuid of the file before first uploading?  Maybe with a Java Action?    
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I don’t think that the name can be changed as it is an internal thing how Mendix stores the files on the file system. When you provide a download from your app the filename should be correct. You can do so by using the file manager widget ( or by publishing a microflow as REST service which uses the file download activity ( This way your app’s security rules are applied as well.


If you want to let the users access files directly on the blob storage, I think it would be best to copy the files to some “external” storage account or container. Maybe this module helps: