Creating a deeplink

I want to create a deeplink that leads to a page that displays information specific to the object that would be passed into it. How do I get a dynamic URL that would change based on the object that is passed and display the specific page? Or would I need to do a Java action?
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Hi Andrea,

so for this there need to be an attribute which can uniquely identify the object like lets say CustomID.

it can be a combination of attributes or some custom criteria as well for now sake of simplicity take a simple attribute.

now create a simple microflow and take a string param customID.

use this param customI to retrive the object and show the page where deatils are there.

now on the deep-link overview page use this microflow to create the deeplink.



You can send dynamic link Pls Refer this one

You should associate the object in the generated link that you need to pass in a page.  You have to Retrieve the associated object when user hit and try to open the link. Don't forget to pass object in your page which you Retrieved.


Thank you.