How to show confirmation popup on page when the content of page has been changed?

Hi,    I’m working on an application where I want to show a Confirmation pop up when user changes the data on the page and i’m using a wizard tool to change the pages. To identify the changes on a page I’m using object has changed java action in microflow, which will show a pop up if certain changes are made by user on the perticular page. This microflow I have called on wizard step and save & next button on my pages. When I made changes in data & don’t save those changes, it shows me the confirmation msg of whether to save or cancel changes. This work okay but when I clicked on Save and next to save my changes on that page It should not show me that confirmation window as I have manually saved the changes on the page instead It should jump to next page directly. How can I can achieve this plz suggest. Thanks in advance.
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have an attribute which gets changed when u manually save your changes. Say- ManualSave- True 
In this case Do not show the pop up page. 


If I understand your problem correctly, you don't want to have the popup when a user clicks ‘Save and next’ right?


Why not just call a different microflow under that button which does not call the logic that triggers the popup?


So you would have two microflows (or something similary):

- ACT_Wizard_ChangePage – this checks changes and shows the popup.

- ACT_Wizard_SaveAndNext – this just saves the data and shows the next page.