Create New Domain Model Entity in Java Action

From within a Java Action, what code and libraries are needed to Create a NEW domain model entity (not instantiate an object reference of an already existing Entity)? And how to then create Attributes on that Entity? I would like to be able to create new entity tables based on certain parameters from within a Java Action but can not find the correct libraries and methods to do so. I have seen certain examples ( that refer to how to do it via SDK API but that isn’t within a Java Action. Creating a Module would be a plus but doesn’t have to do that if it isn’t possible (though I’d assume if you can create an entity you could create the module). I’ve scoured the looking for a class or library that would provide the necessary methods but can not find it. Can anyone point me to the correct documentation or the correct classes/libraries that expose this functionality? Thank you
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It is not possible to create entities and attributes from java actions.

Java actions are runtime components that can’t influence the model of your app, this has to be done with the Mndix SDK, maybe in combination with some java code, but not from a java action.