SFTPS prepends text null to the filename upon upload

Installed the SFTPS-module, which works fine on one exception: during upload it prefixes every filename with the text ‘null’. So uploading a file named team.txt: This results in a file having the name nullteam.txt:   Debugging the process I get to the upload-file activity, where $NewDocument/Name still is ‘team.txt’. This calls JA_SendDocument, and in that Java-script still has the name without the ‘null’-prefix. reply =    FTPConnection.execute(Document, Configuration, Connection, null, context, Action.PUT); Any idea how to make this load the file to the server without prepending ‘null’ to the filename?   *Editted* And here is a screenshot of the ftp-server settings:
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is here a solution? i have the same problem, with Adminaccount works fine, but with users the is allways adding a “null” at the filename.

PS: the “null” Problem is in Version 4 Fixed