Use exported JS functions from an Index.js file in Mendix APK build

Hello everybody   I am currently implementing some native code into a React Native project. The functionality from that project I would like to use in my Mendix native app. What I have done now is build an APK from my Mendix project and in here added my dependencies in C:\Mendix\NativeAPK\android\app\src\main\java\com\mendix\nativetemplate\mobility (mobility is my dependency). I also created an index.js which is at the root of my APK build. In this index.js file I am creating some exported functions which use my dependency. What I would like to do now is use functions of this index.js file in my own javascript actions that I can then call in nanoflows from Studio Pro.    Can anybody help me with this because I am really stuck at the moment.   Kind regards Daan
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