CommunityCommons.DeepClone - issue: reverse associations

Hi all,   For my current project, I need to use the DeepClone java action (from the CommunityCommons module). After configuring the properties of the action, it seems that I’m unable to make it work for 100%…   My issue is that the reversed associations are not (cloned and) linked to the cloned object… When checking the documentation, I’m a little bit confussed about the notation. I assume it should be the same as the ‘Members to skip’ or ‘Member to keep’ properties. Currently, I am using following documentation: → but what is the difference between ‘relation’ and ‘association’?   If someone can provide me the notation (naming convention) used for the ‘ReverseAssociations’ property, that would be really helpfull.   Kind regards, Jelle
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Hi Jelle,

From the javasource, you can see that a comma-seperated value is expected, similar to membersToSkip and membersToKeep

From the documentation of the Mendix DeepClone Java Action, you can get the syntax for a single input:

So I would expect you would need something like this:


I didn't test this, but hopefully it works for you.