How to Filter dates from years

Hi all  i have requirement like i have the attrribute A called project and Attribute B called date and time now i have to filter the data of that projects from exactly  from (01-10-2011 to 01-10-2022) i want these data of that projects , there iare another dates also in that list so how can i bring the data from above year of october   could you please help me out on this
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Hi Anjineyulu, 

not sure if I understand your question but if you want to e.g. retrieve all objects with the date attribute in a specific range from database in a microflow then you could add a XPATH like that:



Entity X with attribute A (string) and attribute B (date/time)

& Date range: StartDate (01-10-2011 – EndDate (01-10-2022)


→ Retrieve from database entity X

→ XPATH: [B > $StartDate and B < $EndDate]


Hope that helps.


If you need/want to “create” the dates for the date range first you can use the Date and Time functions (