Encrypted values seem odd

Hi, I'm using the encryption module (AES3) and when encrypting a value I get an encrypted value that consists of 51 digits (including {AES3}). Can someone explain this, since I thought the output would always be a multiple of 16.   For example:   Encrypting the value 1932 using this testkey hPe*uhKGjJUbX^1^U9W!0$7E*Kkfck3M results in a very long value
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The {AES3} part is used as a prefix, so that doesn’t count. The remainder is a base64 encoded string containing the encrypted value. When you base64-decode that part, you end up with the actual AES encrypted value and if you’re right it’s length should be divisible by 16. I’m not familiar with these encryption methods, so I’m not sure about the math, but at least you should consider the fact that the value is base64 encoded on top of being encrypted.