In CSV Import Java action How To retrieve current User ?

Hi All  I have one use case in my Project based on CSV import to importing data from CSV file able to do this but  while importing data need to associate with another object that object is have to retrieve based current logged in user But am unable to retrieve current user in microflow i.e  called from CSV import Java action. So Please any suggestion Thanks In Advance.   This is Main Microflow Calling when click on Import Button This Is CSV import Java Action Configuratio: From This Java action I am Calling Another Microflow i.e : In The Above Microflow I am Trying To retrieve Another Objects Based Logged in User here i am unable to retrieve Current user Because Microflow that is called in side the Action java action runs on server side so in server we cannot access Current user Correct me if I am Wrong And Please give Any Suggestion Thanks In Advance.  
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Hi Sarath,


You can pass the userobject to the microflow.

Add a parameter, either user or account or whichever you want to connect it to, and pass it through the Microflow parameter in the Java action. You will then have access to it inside the microflow.