How to get values from Mendix Object

Hi Team, Can someone help me to get an idea on how to get values from Mendix Object, In JavaAction I am trying to get values from mendix object below the example code for (IMendixObject iMendixObject : Results) { //Note-Results has been retrived from xpath query.                     strList = new ArrayList<String>();                     IMendixObject obj = iMendixObject;                     //This obj has tables value (like name=mxobjectmember, id=mxobjectmember, etc)                     // need to get the values from this obj (like name , id ,etc and store in variables )
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Hi Sravani,

You might wanna have a look at this question,

It may clear your confusion,


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Mendix will always create a Java proxy class to allow you to easily access attributes in a Mendix Object.

If you have a module called MyModule, with an entity called MyEntity, and a String attribute called MyAttribute, then in your javasource folder you’ll have a mymodule/proxies/ proxy file. These will have getters and setters for all attributes inside.

To get the value of MyAttribute from an instance of MyEntity, you can use something like

String myAttribute = myEntity.getMyAttribute();

I hope this helps.