Opening local File Explorer on Mendix App which is running in the cloud

Hey,   I implemented a java action in my Mendix app with the“Path”) method from java to open the explorer on a local host. This works fine when running the app locally, however, obviously at one point I would like to have this functionality, when running the app on the cloud. When publishing the app, the java action gives me the error No X11 DISPLAY variable was set, but this program performed an operation which requires it. It is a java headless exception. According to my research, Mendix is not supposed to have this kind of functionality, because it has no access to the local user’s files. However, does someone maybe have any idea, how it would be possible to open the file explorer from the current user, while using the app in the cloud.   I would appreciate your help!
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From a security standpoint this would not be something that you’d want to implement in you java code from the cloud.

The option is already there, to open the file explorer with the standard filemanager widget, I don’t know your exact requirements though.