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Hi everyone, I’m having some trouble with the GetApplicationUrl Java Action: The action is returning empty/null when the application is published to the private cloud environment (managed by a third party where we don’t have access to the private cloud server that is published), but the action is working fine in the local environement. I tried setting up the application URL here, but the action is still returning empty. Is this a configuration that the third party should setup or is there something that I can configure that I’m missing, I appreciate any help I can get on this issue, thanks! Update: I forgot to set up that setting in the screen for the runtime configuration, all I had to do then was to setup the ApplicationRootUrl in the Custom Runtime Settings:  
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Hi Oswaldo ,


Ask the Third party if they are using Mendix service Console to host your deployment package, if so there is a field that should be filled manually ‘Application root URL’, what you did on your local machine wont be reflected there.