Import CSV empty in data grid

Hi everybody, I downloaded import csv from marketplace mendix. Please help because I have followed step by step from the example of the import csv documentation module. But I have a problem when I want to import the csv the data doesn't appear in the data grid. Here is the csv as follows:   Here is the microflow as follows:   Here is the data grid as follows: When clicking the import csv button the data does not appear in the data grid.   Thank you for your help.
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Hi W., maybe a stupid idea, but did you check your role access settings for this entity (read/write?).

Also, I do not see any commit or refresh action in the microflows...


Hello Wienny,


Can you please check and tell us what is the Import action you have in the template? Is it "Create object for each line" or "Synchronize objects"?



This could be  one thing which might be causing this behavior.