Email Connector Replace Custom Tokens

Hello everyone, I recently switched from email templates to the Email Connector Module. In the Email Connector, however, I miss the ReplaceCustomTokens function, which was previously available in the templates. The only thing I discovered in this regard is the JavaScript ReplaceToken in the Modelreflection module. I would be interested to know if I can achieve the same thing with this JavaScript as with ReplaceCustomTokens or if I have to write my own JavaScript. Is there any other way / workaround to replace the tokens? Thanks in advance. Greetings Moritz
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The function to replace custom tokens has been integrated into the JavaAction “CreateEmailFromTemplate”; you can pass a “DataObject” to this JavaAction which comprises the values for the configured tokens; if you want to replace tokens with values from multiple objects, you need to create a non persistent entity that gathers your values and use this as parameter (and of course in your token mapping on your template).